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Ask Your Neighbor

A very common question that we get in the paint department is how to bring a second dimension to a piece that you want to transform. Now there are many products you can use to give a little “extra something” but a very common and simple technique is dry brushing. This method gives you a distressed look while bringing in multiple tones of color!

How do you dry brush?

  1. The base coat will be the color that will pop through, so you can either paint a solid layer of paint or leave the original paint as is.
  2. Take a chip brush with a very small amount of paint or stain to a piece of cardboard. You then want to off load most of the paint so that the brush is seemingly dry.
  3. Take small brush strokes to the piece to start – this is when you can decide if you should add more or less paint to your strokes.
  4. If you love the look of dry brushing you can always add a third color or you can distress the piece with sandpaper.

Check out our video to see the technique in action!