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When wanting to refresh your cabinets or trim, there are a few important things to keep in mind! We are here to help you with the ins and outs of redoing cabinets:

  1. First thing to think about is the trending hourglass world of interior design.
  2. Then, let’s consider the quality of the many different products out there.
  3. Lastly, you’ll need to contemplate the durability of your project

The trending hourglass can be a tricky concept. It used to be that a home trend could last at least a decade. Now, they seem to come and go fairly quickly. It is hard to keep up with what is the “new chic” in home renovation. Cabinets are probably the most up-coming item to change in a home first. Some people want to go from grain to solid paint. While others want to keep the wood grain but get rid of their out dated oak color. There are several other combinations that are trending but the point is; you want something that is cost friendly and easily changeable with the current trends!

Another important factor is finding a paint or stain that has great quality and is easy to apply. Updating cabinets or trim is not like painting a wall. Depending on how patient you are, you have two options. First, you can paint everything attached to the wall. However, you must be sure to tape off the wall and lay a drop cloth on the floor. This method takes precision and is extremely time consuming. Most of the time, you are going to have to do TWO coats. Trust me; it took me days and a lot of hair pulling when I attempted this method. Your other option is to completely strip the trim or cabinet doors from the frame. This process was by far my favorite – I am not a patient person. I wanted to get the job done ASAP. No one wants to take days out of their schedule to complete a painting project. I am sure we can all agree on that. If you have the space, you can easily accomplish this task in a matter of hours.

Picking your paint is an entirely different process. It is preferred that you buy a paint that has self-leveling additives. That way you don’t have to constantly be applying and spreading more and more paint out. Water-based products are the most popular. If you go into an oil-based paint it is more hazardous, harder to clean, and increases your chances of yellowing the wood. When staining the wood, you have a number of combinations to pick from. My personal favorite is painting with Amy Howard chalk paint and then going over the top of it with Minwax gel stain. This look gives off a very distressed and antiqued resemblance. Another huge factor is picking the right applicants. You don’t want to pick high-quality paint and a low-quality roller/brush. If you want to have a clean look, I highly recommend either a smooth roller or a sprayer. However, if you choose to keep the cabinet or trim attached to the wall you will most likely want to use an angled brush.  

The final step in completing your project is finding the right sealer to ensure durability and longevity.  The last thing you want is to spend too much time and hard work into your cabinets or trim to only have the paint last for a short time. This may happen if you don’t consider putting a sealer or the right sealer on your cabinets. If you go the route of latex paint or chalk paint I highly recommend sealing your cabinets after you paint. One of my favorite sealing products is the Varathane 3X. This product is exactly what it sounds like. One coat of the Varathane equals three coats, ensuring a strong protective coat over all your hard work. If you use a waterborne acrylic paint that is specific for cabinets and trim you don’t need to put a sealer over it.  If you decide to use gel stain in your project, it is truly up to you if you want to seal it.

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube video on “How to Properly Prep your Cabinets”. As always, feel free to stop into Kimps Ace Hardware and talk to one of our many neighborhood friendly paint associates!