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Power Equipment

1. Do you service any brand?

Yes, we can service any brand if we can order in the parts.

2. Do you pick up/deliver?

Yes, we can pick up/deliver. The price depends on the distance and what the unit
is. (tractor, zeroturn, snow-blower, or walk-mower). If we pick up two units, the
second ride is free.

3. What information do I need for ordering parts?

The model number on the unit, however, if it is a part for the engine we need the
model number from the engine.

4. Do you sharpen lawnmower blades and chainsaw chains?

Yes, we can sharpen lawnmower blades and chains. We also sharpen STIHL brush
cutting blades or hedge trimmer blades

5. What brands of equipment do you carry?

Zero Turns: Gravely, SCAG, Toro, Ariens, and Cub Cadet
Riding Lawn Mower: Simplicity or Cub Cadet
Push Mowers: Honda, Toro, and Cub Cadet
Snow Blower: Ariens, Toro, Cub Cadet, and Honda. (Two Stage and Single Stage)

6. Do you fix ice auger’s?

We do not fix most auger’s- we have a hard time getting parts. There are few
cases that we can service to you. Call the store for more details!

7. What kind of oil should I use?

Typically, it comes down to the time of year. During the winter you should use
5W30 and in the summer time 10W30 or SAE30, due to the viscosity of the oil.
However, each piece of equipment is specific to its’ own oil. If you have further
questions or need instructions call the store!

8. How should I store my snowblower?

You should run your unit dry, change the oil, lubricate moving parts, and clean off
any salt/sand.

9. How should I store my lawnmower?

You should run the unit dry, change the oil, change the filter, and scrap the deck.

10. Do you take trade ins?

Yes, we prefer that you bring in the unit so we can assess it.