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1. What sheen do I need?

There are a variety of sheens available:
Flat is typically used for ceiling or when you want a matte look.
Eggshell is used in bedrooms, living rooms, or any other “extra” spaces.
Satin is used primarily in a kitchen or a high moisture bathroom.
Semi gloss is commonly used on trim for contrast or in a space that you want high contrast and
high durability. As you work your way up the sheen chart you gain durability but also a shin to
the paint.

2. Can I get any color in any brand?

Yes, we can mix paint brands with a different paint line’s color. However, there is a possibility of
some error when cross-referencing. If the event were to occur were we did not feel comfortable
with the formula we would inform you the reasoning and find the closet match to your perfect

3. What paint line can I achieve a “one coat coverage”?

Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as a one and done cover – even though it is often
advertised as such. We do have some paints that have a great first coat cover and then a light
second coat. Think of the second coat as an insurance policy to give your paint color the depth,
durability, and longevity you want when tackling the job of your home.

4. Do you color match

Yes, we do! Whether you have an existing paint color that you need match or a piece of fabric,
we have the technology to match your perfect color to any of our paint lines. We prefer that
when you bring in a sample to get match that it be no smaller than a dime.

5. How do I prep/paint trim, cabinets, and doors?

We carry 2 products for wood doors, trim, & cabinets. Benjamin Moore created the product
Advanced, which is our top of the line paint for this project. However, the Advanced only comes
in a satin finish, whereas our Ace cabinet and trim paint comes in a semi-gloss. For both
products you will want to sand and prime to achieve a clean and flawless look. If you really want
to eliminate these 2 prep steps you can always try Amy Howard’s chalk paint. If you have further
concerns or questions, stop in at Kimps and we can help you step by step!

6. How do I determine what applicators should be used?

You would have to determine the texture of your walls to get the correct size nap roller cover.
As far as brushes are concern, brushes come down to what feel comfortable in your hand. When
trimming out a room we suggest a 2-inch sash brush, this size gives you more control and better

7. Do you carry furniture paint?

Yes! One of the big trends is to use Amy Howard One Step Paint because of its matte finish. It is
an all-natural chalk-based paint that doesn’t require any prep work! Amy Howard has many pre-
made colors to choose from, but we also can color match your perfect color! Another
alternative is to use a specific paint for wood, but these will have a higher shin compared to Amy

8. How soon can I stain my deck after power washing it?

If you have just power washed you need to let the wood sit for 3-4 dry days to release inner-
moisture. If you stain when the wood is not dry the stain will not absorb completely and will just
be a surface finish causing chipping and peeling sooner.

9. How do I prep for exterior staining?

A few things to keep in mind when staining exterior wood is that Wisconsin has extreme
weather changes. This fact causes wood stain to chip and peel in a time span of 2-4 years if
applied correctly. Some tips to get the longest life out of staining are…
 You first need to access your wood and the condition it is in. Determining if the wood is
peeling, bleeding, or moldy will help guide you to the correct preparation product.
 Applying a wood prepping product will help the wood accept the stain and ultimately help in
the longevity.
 Sanding or power washing your deck will help with existing peeling wood.
 Make sure the wood has been dried for 3-4 days
 Use a high-quality brush or paint pad
 Stain only 2 boards at a time
 Back-brush so that you work the stain into the wood- if you are using a sprayer
 First coat should be applied heavily on the open end of the boards
 Finish with a heavy coat on the open ends of the boards, opposite from where you started.

10. Do you have sample cans?

Yes, we have sample cans for Clark & Kensington, Valspar, Benjamin Moore, and Magnolia. C&K
and Valspar are sold as a satin finish whereas Benjamin Moore and Magnolia are sold in an
eggshell (just something to keep in mind as you see it on a wall). All sample sizes are interior
latex paint.

11. Do I need to prep my walls before painting?

It always a good thing to prep your walls before painting – filling holes, cleaning, and priming.

12. What do I use to fill lightweight holes with?

You can use lightweight spackle to fill nail holes or other small holes. It dries fast and then you
can prime. If you have larger holes that don’t need a patch, use vinyl spackling. It takes longer to
dry but will fill better without as much shrinkage. As with any spackling or filler you may need to
fill a couple time depending on how deep the hole or crack is. You should then be ready to paint.

13. What should I use to fill wood?

You should use a wood filler or putty to fill any crackles or hole. A wood filler does not shrink like
a spackling. If you’re just filing nail holes, find a matching wood putty to match your stain.

14. Do you have painting classes?

We can always show you any painting techniques one on one in the store. We also host the
occasional demos throughout the year, so watch on our social media links and/or our event