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Lawn & Garden

1. Can I double my warranty on STIHL equipment?

Yes, you can double your warranty by purchasing a six pack of full synthetic oil or two quarts of moto mix at the same time as buying a STIHL whole good.

2. Do all STIHL units take the same gas to oil ratio?

Yes, all gas-powered units take a 50:1.

3. Are you a full line STIHL dealer?

Yes, we sell a variety of STIHL equipment and accessories, if there is anything we do not stock, we can order it!

4. How do I get rid of Japanese beetles?

Understanding the life cycle of the Japanese Beetle is the key. Beetle grubs can be controlled in April to May AND July to August.

5. What kind of grass seed should I use for shady/sunny areas?

For shady grass areas, they should be seeded with fine fescues and sunny grass areas do best with Kentucky Bluegrass blends!

6. When is the best time to apply fertilizer?

We offer a 4-Step Program to make fertilizing a little easier for you!

  • Step 1 should be applied just as the grass is turning green, usually April.
  • Step 2 should be put down approximately 8 weeks after applying step 1, grass should be wet and should avoid rain for 24 hours.
  • Step 3 approximately 8 weeks after step 2,
  • Step 4 approximately 8 weeks after step 3, during fall. This product is also known as winterizer.

*Grub control should be applied in spring before the weather gets hot*

7. When is the best time to put down crabgrass preventer?

Crabgrass preventer needs to be applied pre-emergence (before the crabgrass germinates), this time is typically around April to mid-May.

8. How can I control “Creeping Charlie”?

Creeping Charlie can be controlled while it is actively growing. Spring and Fall, when the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees, is the best time. Look for products with the active ingredient “Triclopyr”.

9. How to rid of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)?

We have systemic products that you can apply to the base of your tree that will be absorbed to protect, this method is a way to prevent EAB damage. You can still treat a tree if it has some EAB signs. You want to be on the preventive side of treating your trees.

10. What can I apply safely to my garden to get rid of bugs?

We have insect dust and spray that you can apply to the vegetable in your garden. The key to that is checking the label so you know how soon after you can harvest/consume the vegetable. CHECK THE LABEL.