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1. Do you set up or deliver grills?

We do assemble grills and deliver them in the Green Bay area.

2. Why should I buy a Big Green Egg?

You can grill, roast, smoke, and bake on a Big Green Egg. It’ll be the last grill you’ll ever need. 

3. What is the best grill to buy?

Buying a grill depends what your grilling needs are. If you want something quick and easy, then a Weber gas grill is the way to go. For low or slow grilling check out the Big Green Egg and the Traeger grills.

4. What type of charcoals do you carry?

We carry hardwood lump charcoal, hardwood briquettes, and Traeger pellets (in various flavors).

5. Do you carry grill chips/chunks?

We have a variety of flavored wood chips/chunks in different brands!

6. Do you sell sauces, seasonings, or rubs?

We have a whole wall devoted to different sauces, seasoning, and rubs! Mix and match different seasoning with sauces for that perfect meal. The Kimps even created their own customized seasoning, try our Better than Butter blend!

7. What is so great about Yeti’s?

The Yeti drinkware will keep your hot drinks hot AND your cold drinks cold for hours! We also have an assortment of colors in stock.

8. What Yeti products do you carry?

We stock a variety of sizes in the Yeti cups along with interchangeable accessories. Here at Kimps we also carry soft sides and hard body coolers in different sizes and colors.  

9. Do you have any cooking classes?

Yes! The Kimps love hosting grill events for you! Check out our event calendar for any classes or demos!

10. What are the trending grill accessories?

We have an array of trending grilling accessories; some popular ones would be…

  • Flame Boss: Wifi smoker controller
  • Airlighters: Fire lighter
  • Cajun Dragons: Fire lighter
  • IGrills: Heat monitor
  • Wifire Technology
  • DigiQ: Heat monitor and controller
  • KickAsh Baskets